Welcome to the online home of Calicorose Cattery. Our earth home is Long Island, NY.  We have been breeding Munchkins, LaPerms and finally Skookums for over a dozen years.   Our fist love was the Munckin, a spontaneous dominant mutation giving the cats shorter legs and some very endearing traits, such as the Munchkin strut with tail proudly held high over the back like a flag and the prairie dog stance when intent on watching something.  Through our breeder relationships we stumbled on the LaPerm, another dominant mutation, bringing wonderful low maintenenance curls and low shedding coat to the world in the form of another people loving cat who actually look you in the eye when you speak to them, which they will insist on, and follow your every move with their eyes and if in the mood follow you around like a puppy.  Laperms are great lap cuddlers.

After breeding both the Munchkin and Laperm for years, and loving both breeds, we decided to venture into a newly emerging hybrid, the Skookum.  It’s proven to be a great mix. Now there are three breeds at Calicorose. The Skookum has both the low maintenance, low shedding coat of the LaPerm  and the shorter legs and unique attributes of the Munchkin.   Run your mouse over the kitten head icons to find out more about each breed and see available kittens and those who have found new homes as well as links to some important information. Enjoy, Welcome.. and always feel free to contact me with any questions.

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We’ve had a great time introducing the world to these new breeds and have even been invited to show them on TV including  the Today Show, be sure to watch the video.

Our Cats on the Today Show

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