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Welcome to CalicoRose Cattery

CalicoRose Cattery was established in 1993 and is such a nice place for the kitties who live here that our vet wants to come here in her next life as a cat. It's a wonderful combination of a home and a cattery. Cats are isolated only for purposes of breeding and appropriate husbandry (health and the prevention of communicable ailments). We are a closed cattery which means that no outside kitties are allowed into the cattery and if we do go traveling we are separated for a while to make sure we haven't caught something on the outside. The result is we are all healthy and happy. Our vet even comes to visit us at home, which means we have less stress when we do need something done.

CalcicoRose places emphasis on temperament of the cats we breed, love and sell. CalicoRose is a registered cattery with TICA, as well as a TICA outstanding cattery, veterinarian inspected, and registered as CalicoRoad in CFA.   Individual kittens are registerable in TICA.  we are not registering with CFA at this time.

 Because CalicoRose cats live in a home environment, on sofas and beds and chairs we are well suited to move into your home when the time comes. We are raised with attention from live-in people and visitors and with other cats, and our dog, Thea, so we are used to everything.

At CalicoRose Cattery, we pride ourselves on continued familial relationships with our kittens. I am available to any new owner on a ongoing basis.  We frequently get letters, pictures and cards from our extended family. We want to know how everyone is doing - both feline and human. If you have any questions at any time we will do our best to answer them and help out. With more than 40 years of experience living with cats we will find the answer for you.

Everything we do at CalicoRose is done for the benefit of the cats who live here and their human companions. Our goal simply is to provide you with the healthiest cat - human relationship possible.Being a volunteer in the TICA Responsible Breeder Program is taken very seriously at CalicoRose. A copy of this credo is sent out with every kitten and fully explained before you purchase a kitten. This includes such issues as altering non breeder pets, indoor living, not declawing and so forth.

Laperms, Munckins and Skookums from CalicoRose have won the hearts of apartment dwellers, large home owners, busy people, and even two pilots, not to mention the vets they have come to know. One even lives with one part time. So, browse thru some of our gallery of photos and imagine yourself living with one of our cats or kittens. To see what is available now go to the kittens page. (link below) enjoy, and if you have any questions, please call or email us. Please tell us where you live and what type of cat you are looking for.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at CalicoRose is that all cats are wonderful. We have several adopted/rescued residents. We cannot take new rescues in any longer however as we are a closed cattery. But the rescue cats who live here are given the same food, lodging, vetting, and toys that all of the cats and kittens here share. I will honestly tell a person looking for a cat who cannot afford what we have bred here to go to their local pound or shelter and adopt a cat or kitten. Don't pass by the young adults or even the older ones. Many of these cats are desperately in need of loving homes and make wonderful pets.

The other affordable option is to adopt one of our non standards. These are beautiful cats who in our case have been born with neither short legs or curly hair. However they frequently have many of the breed characteristics that their siblings have and again, make wonderful pets.   We even have older cats who need to go to a new home from time to time.

A word about pricing. I want you all to understand the hours of love and worry that goes into breeding, if you do it right. Kittens here are born under my watchful eyes, and that can take a week or so of sleepless nights, sometimes longer, and with a vet on call. Then there are the hours of playing and socializing that go into a kitten before it goes home with you.

I do not do my own inoculations as I have found that if one has a problem later on with that vaccine it is easier to get the attention of the manufacturer of the vaccine if a licensed vet has given the shots. Naturally this costs more money than doing it myself would. I use the same brand of cat food, no matter what might be on sale. I feel that Royal Canin is an excellent brand and I stay with it. If in the future I find out differently I will change.   Litter pans are sterilized once or twice a week and cleaned twice a day.   We use bleach and HOT water and steamers to clean everything around here.   WE have ozone machines in every room where there are cats. We use only Fresh Magic, a silica litter that keeps down odor andbecause it dehydrates the waste material it denies bacteria a chance to grow in the moist environment that bacteria needs. If bacteria can't reproduce they are less likely to cause odor or disease.   This litter is more costly, but worth it.

One question I get a lot is, are your cats caged?   The best answer to this is to visit my cattery. I do not believe in allowing new kittens free run of a house where there are other animals running around.   It is safer for the mothers and the babies to be confined to an area with only their litter mates and mommas. So yes we do confine.   However I have been told that my cages are like suites at luxury hotels.   All are open to light and air and are in rooms where they can see and hear the goings on of the household.

As you travel thru this site I hope you will find what you like, or answers to your questions.   If you don't or want to discuss anything please feel free to call me.   My preferred method of finding homes for my kittens is to meet the new families face to face, but I certainly must have at least conversations with you before we agree on the right new family member for you. The more I know about you and your family the better it is.   So, read away and then call me.

All photos and text herein are the property of Beth Fillman except as otherwise noted and cannot be copied or reproduced without prior written permission.